Good Cop Bad Cop Footjob

Detective Dre Hazel and Detective Roxie Rae have apprehended the foot raper. Dre and Roxie decide Dre will be the bad cop and Roxie will be the good cop to get his full confession. The detectives have the perp with his pants down in the interrogation room they want to see if he will get hard by the sight of there nylon soles and he does. This is not enough evidence yet but they continue to work to get there confession. Roxie plays good cop by showing him her feet and gently wiggling her toes while politely asking for his confession. Dre the bad cop takes the another route. Dre jerks his cock with her nylon soles and demands a confession. The perp is still not giving in. Dre knows though if she can get him to blow his load she will have all the evidence she needs including a DNA a sample. Roxie continues to nicely try to get the confession while Dre vigorously jerks the confession out of his cock. Dre’s bad cop approach lands up getting the confession because not long after intensely stroking his cock he shoots his load all over Dre’s nylon feet. Dre shows there perp his cummy evidence and gets ready to take his ass to jail.

beautifull feet

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